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Why California People Search?

Finding the right employee starts and ends with California People Search! It is not enough to just simply staff your company or start-up with stars and top talent, it is our belief to provide you the with the makings of great additions to your team to allow you to go from just good relationships in your team to great partnerships in your company. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company seeking to add to your team or a start-up beginning your company, we are the recruiting and staffing agency to help you reach success on the next level for your career or company. With projects across all verticals we are able to personalize and tailor our methods to your needs by providing a deliberate approach to sourcing the very best candidates for your team and company. As a specialized firm we have the resources it takes to reach beyond expectations to provide you with an exceptional experience in creating a business partnership. Understanding the unique qualifications required in the executive assistant, administrative or human resource industries allow us to provide an edge in sourcing for your ideal candidate. With the California People Search team, you will be dealing first hand with top agents and management that bring to you polished and elite expertise. We specialize in the unique niche of executive assistants, administrative support, and human resource professionals. We work with Permanent/Direct Hire, Contract/Temp Placements as well as Contract to Hire positions. So, what makes us stand out of the crowd in the ocean of recruitment firms and staffing agencies. It is simple, our team!

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