California People Search is a long-standing Bay Area recruiting company specializing in the placement of executive support staff in financial industries. Founded by Becki Clague in 2000, with over 10 years of previous experience, she hand-crafted the methodology now used by the rest of her company.

Since the company’s founding, the principle of personally connecting with people and employers in the workforce has remained at the forefront of all interactions. Becki Clague has modeled this approach for all of her employees, resulting in a company that not only works efficiently, but also personally cares about the goals of clients and candidates alike.

As a “boutique” staffing agency, we are highly experienced in fulfilling permanent positions, temporary roles, and everything in between. We specialize in filling roles in human resources, financial services, executive support and legal industries. At California People Search, we believe in providing our clients with the finest applicants, pre-screened and pre-approved specifically for the open position.

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