Whether casually browsing, or needing to start a job this week, we help candidates find and launch their dream careers. At California People Search, we help coach our candidates through resume building advice, interview preparation, all in an attempt to help you land the position that best fits your skill set. Our team believes in providing our candidates the same amount of energy as our clients. With 30 years of professional match-making experience, California People Search is ready to help you make a debut in your dream career!

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At California People Search, we take a personal approach to meeting every candidate, to ensure we gather their skills and experience, as well as their goals and ambitions. We meet with each of our candidates to discuss their skillsets, personality, and career goals. With all of this in mind, we review our open job orders, and, with the candidate’s permission, introduce them to our clients who are actively hiring. This approach ensures each candidate is being matched with a position and company that aligns with their beliefs and goals. If we do not have a current opening that fits your calling, we can keep your file active in our pool of candidates, and will contact you when we have a position that suits your skillset.