At California People Search, we provide a variety of placement possibilities to accommodate our client’s needs, ensuring a stress-free hiring process. Your California People Search recruiter will help you determine which type of placement is best for your company’s needs. Keep reading to find out more!

For all placement services, California People Search will source, pre-screen, and introduce our clients to top tier candidates for free. Our clients only pay when we place a candidate of their choice!

Permanent Placement

Permanent placement, often called “direct hire” is when the recruiting team sources and screens candidates for the client’s open permanent position. Once the client determines the candidate of choice, and the job offer is accepted, the candidate becomes an employee of the client’s company. The client is typically invoiced a portion of the employee’s anticipated salary, and California People Search no longer is the liaison between the employee and the company. Permanent placement is best for rapidly growing companies that have the bandwidth to add a new member to their team, but do not want the hassle of sourcing and pre-screening.

Temporary Placement

Temporary placement candidates are technically employed by California People Search, and essentially “leased” to the client for indefinite temporary assignments, occasional job opportunities, or some combination of the two. These placements can be hourly, salary, 1099, or W2 employees, dependent on the company’s needs.

Temporary placement employees, often called “temps” log hours via the California People Search system, get their hours approved by a client supervisor in their department, and will be paid on the California People Search payroll. The client is invoiced for the wages and reimbursements approved.

Temporary placement is ideal for companies that have immediate openings for indefinite assignments, or foresee the need for occasional support in the near future. With a temp candidate, it is understood the job offer is conditional, so the client retains the freedom of not adding someone to their payroll, while also getting their staffing needs met.

Temp-to-Hire Placement

If a client enjoys their temporary placement, they are given the opportunity to convert their candidate to a permanent placement, given certain conditions of the temporary placement are met. Typically, the client is invoiced for a percentage of the employee’s anticipated salary upon conversion, and the temporary placement becomes an employee of the client, no longer on the California People Search roster.

Temp-to-Hire is a flexible choice for companies that may have the bandwidth to add to their permanent team in the future, but do not possess that ability in the present. This allows companies to fulfill their immediate staffing needs, without the pressure of adding another person on payroll until they are ready. Upon request, your recruiter can continue to search for and send qualified permanent candidates, even after a temporary candidate has been placed in the role. This allows the opportunity for the client to continue searching for the best fit possible, while still allowing for their immediate needs to be met.

Remote, In-Office, & Hybrid Employees

Remote or partially remote work is popular as life begins to resemble what it was before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Whether your office has elected to pursue remote employees, are ready to gather again in the office, or some combination of the two, California People Search is ready to find your perfect match. Let your recruiter know your preference!

The CAPS Guarantee

Our clients pay once California People Search places a candidate with the company. We conduct our searches and preliminary interviews for free.

If a placed employee or the client themselves terminates employment within 6 months of the employee’s placement date, California People Search agrees to reimburse a pro-rata amount of the fee charged for placement.