Every company, and every applicant in the Bay Area is unique. Regardless of what product you create or what service you provide, California People Search works with our clients and candidates alike to understand their values and goals, so that a highly qualified candidate fits in seamlessly. We offer a variety of placement types to ensure our client’s needs are met. Additionally, we provide our candidates with resume feedback and interview preparation, ensuring a confident first meeting.

Understanding the Needs and Goals of Clients

Hiring a new employee requires a candidate to have the proper experience, education, and philosophical fit. We seek out candidates with both hard skills and soft skills that align with our client’s physical needs as well as the culture and attitude most enjoyed in their office.

At California People Search, we understand that the expectations and demands are constantly changing, and believe that maintaining contact with our clients throughout the search is a critical piece of ensuring a perfect match.

Your recruiter will meet with you to initially discuss various aspects of the vacant position, the skills required to complete the position, and ideal attitude for the desired candidate.

Sourcing and Pre-Screening Candidates

During this part of the process, California People Search acts as a liaison between the client and the candidate. We individually source, contact, and pre-screen our candidates for skillsets, experience, culture, attitude, and professional goals. This helps to make an organic fit, and a long-lasting placement.

This process entails finding candidates, reviewing their resumes, meeting with them to discuss their experience, providing resume feedback, and verifying their interest in a certain position. Additionally, we can perform routine background checks, and formally conduct initial interviews, if that aligns with the client’s needs and protocols.

Client Selection and Interviews

Once we curate a unique list of high-quality candidates that would be a good fit, we send their resumes and pre-screening notes to the client for selection. At this point, the client has the option of requesting more information about the candidate, requesting an in-person interview, and/or taking any other step that they feel is appropriate to ensure a suitable applicant. California People Search remains the liaison between the client and the candidate until the onboarding process.

The client then makes the selection of candidates they wish to meet, and California People Search will introduce the candidates to the client, and the client will schedule another round of independent interviews. The client may run as many interview rounds as necessary to make their determination.

Onboarding Process

After the client selects their candidate of choice, California People Search will reach out on behalf of the client to extend the job offer. Once accepted, the candidate will be onboarded in accordance with the type of placement made. Click here to learn more about how different types of placements affect the onboarding and invoicing process.