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I had a fantastic experience with Cali People Search, and, in particular, with Lacy F.!! After connecting via LinkedIn, we started off with a Facetime intro which was great – it’s always nice to see someone face to face. She is so friendly and professional. She stayed in touch and was always looking out for me, but she didn’t smother me and only came to me with roles that actually made sense and were well-suited for me and what I was looking for. So many recruiters are generic, flaky and/or inattentive. Lacy was a gem for me, and I’m really grateful she found me! I’ve been in my new role a few weeks now, and things are going great. I don’t miss my previous role at all, so I know this was the right choice. My first week in, Lacy was OOO, so Becki checked in with me on her behalf to be sure everything was going well. They are on top of things at CPS and so nice. I would definitely recommend their services if you are in the market for a new role.

Grazie mille, Lacy!

- AMY M.
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I’ve known both Becki and Puja from California People Search for many years from the administrative search/hiring side, but when it came to find a new job for myself, I knew they would be able to help me find something great.  Puja had reached out to me to ask me about my “dream job” – I was specific about my search criteria as well as my “wish list” of items and she listened attentively to my requests.  Both Becki and Puja clearly communicated throughout the interview process and they were helpful in providing interview tips and feedback.
At the end, I didn’t get the job that they had initially referred me to, however I was able to connect with one of their business colleagues to end up where I am now.

I really enjoyed working with Puja and Becki at California People Search from both ends of the spectrum and I recommend their services to potential candidates and or clients that are looking for their next administrative hire.

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Working with Puja from California People Search made this job search a breeze. I felt as though I could really share what I was looking for and Puja took the time to listen and work fast! I really felt the care and energy she brought into finding what was going to be ultimately the right fit for me. Along the way, I also worked with Lacy, who was incredibly helpful throughout the process for that particular job. Although that job did not work out, in the end, I found a great position with the help of Puja and Becki. Puja definitely prepared me for all my interviews and I felt confident going into it. Puja has an amazing work ethic and incredibly hardworking. I always felt like she was on my side and she has helped me find my perfect job! I couldn’t recommend California People Search enough!

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Lacy & Becki were the best at helping me find a permanent work home! I met Lacy through my sister, who got my sister a job at Stanford! From there we chatted constantly figuring out which job would work best for me. Lacy took careful thought and consideration into what my needs and expectations were for a job and didn’t just through every open position at me.

I was surprised (in a good way) at how invested they both were in helping me land the perfect job, unlike other recruiters. I highly recommend using California People Search!

Thank you Lacy & Becki so much! I couldn’t be happier at my new work home!

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I’m very thankful to this company! During the 1st call at the end of March, their VP Lacy presented me with great opportunities in 2 different companies. Over the following 3 weeks, senior talent partners coordinated and supported me during all rounds of interviews. Real professionals in their field (smart, responsible & hardworking). In April I got an offer after months of searching previously!
Special thanks to Puja, who is not only a great professional, working 7 days a week, but also a wonderful caring person with a good sense of humor.
Highly recommend this company if you want to get a new job.

- Ann J.
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My search really went into high gear once I started working with Becki and Puja. They were positive, supportive and energetic – and landed me a number of interviews with high profile companies (mostly with Venture Capital firms). I went into each interview feeling prepared and supported. In the end they even handed my resume off to another firm that helped me land the perfect job – but there is no way I would have gotten there without California People Search!

- Alina S.
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It was such a pleasure to work with Becki! First it was Becki‘s relationship with the company that opened the door to my first interview with a company I really wanted to work for. Then she really helped with keeping things moving along and working with me on my crazy busy schedule, it took some effort on her part! She was also very support of through the entire process and always kept me informed of where things stood with the company I was interviewing with. It was a wonderful experience working with Becki, she went above and beyond for me!

- Debbie M.