Mae Ann Barnido


Mae Ann Barnido is part of the recruiting team with California People Search. She attended Cavite State University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Latin honor, cum laude. Prior to joining California People Search, Mae Ann began her professional career as a recruiter in a High-tech and Manufacturing Staffing firm. She was drawn to recruiting because of her love of helping people and building professional relationships. In her current role, she enjoys nothing more than knowing her candidate’s dream job and skill set. She loves to match it with her client’s preferences like matching a puzzle piece. She also enjoys creating job ads and marketing ads using creative tools! Outside of work, Mae Ann can be found spending time with her family including cats and dogs, watching crime documentaries, or grounding with nature.

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As Founder and CEO, Becki brings her passion for people to life at California People Search. With nearly three decades of perfecting her expertise in pursuing the best client and candidate partnerships, she brings a style of polished panache to the recruiting, staffing, and talent acquisition industry. Becki began her business with a background of education in Human Development and Psychology, and a love for seeing people succeed. This provides her the broad focus to see beyond the surface details and dial-in into a dedicated and specialized recruiting niche. Becki finds the hidden talents of an individual along with discovering the unidentified needs of the client to provide fluidity to building of successful and long-lasting business partnerships.
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