Working from Home

I have seen and heard it all when it comes to working from home.  Some people love it, other people hate it.  Some people can’t get a moment of privacy while others are alone all the time.  There are people working more now than they were in the office while also trying to help their families, while others are hardly working.  Whatever your case may be I hope these tips will help you in some way shape or form.

As someone who has been working remotely from home for the last 5 years I am hoping I can provide some helpful tips to make your lives a little easier.

Workspace- Set up a space that is only for work. Even if just a corner of your bedroom or living room.  Make it feel as much like an office as possible.  If you have kids try to keep the teaching in a different space.  Below is a list of things I have at my desk/in my office; whiteboard to track projects and job orders, always a bottle of water as stress dehydrates the body, laptop, notebook for anything I need to remember, organizer for office supplies, printer and my stand up/sit down adjustable desk.

Make sure you shower and get dressed everyday as though you were going into the office. It’s easy to stay in our comfortable clothes, but personally I feel more confident and composed when I dress like I am at the office.

Keep a schedule or routine for yourself. Mine is below and this is based on current pandemic and how much work I have.  Sometimes more and sometimes less.

Background noise is something that I personally need. If I am not on calls or video conferences, I need sound as working in silence can sometimes drive me crazy.  I usually go with music in the background, believe it or not it helps me focus more.

If you can, close the door so that you can keep work separate from home life do so. It is easy to get distracted by things like cleaning, laundry, kids knocking on door, spouses with questions, etc.

If you are dealing with different components in your life right now, make sure they understand when you have important calls or video calls so you don’t get interrupted. (I know, I know easier said than done, trust me I have a 6 year old, who knows I work from home and have always done so since she can remember, she will still walk in on calls and if I tell her “When mommy is on the phone don’t talk to me, she then walks in and whispers, thinking that’s different.)

Are there certain tips or tricks that work for you?  If so I would love to hear more.  Reach out to me and share.  My email address is