What to Expect from Your Recruiter

You’re being recruited! This means your resume caught a recruiter’s eye and you are a potential candidate for the position.  Looking for a new job can be a challenge, but it is also well worth it when you find that perfect match. Here are the top four things you can expect from your recruiter:

Questions Questions Questions!
We found your resume and you seem like the perfect fit and this is only the beginning. The more questions we ask, the better we can get to know you so come prepared because we are here to listen. This is also your opportunity to ask us questions about what we can do for you, what the role is about, and whatever else you can think of related to the job – we are here for you!

Our process is Thorough
Recruiting is a marathon not a sprint and it is very important to know that. Waiting on a recruiter, an interview, or a job offer sometimes takes a long time and sometimes can happen in a day.  Recruiters want to get to know you as much as possible so be prepared to bring your A-game and answer the questions as openly and honestly as possible.  Why you ask? This is the time for us to convince each other that this is the right fit.  Lastly and possibly the most exciting is the call to see about interviewing with the employer.

Hello? Can you hear me?
Communication is key. I know it sounds like we are in a full-blown relationship at this point but what do you expect? After all it is your career and we don’t take that lightly. A good rule of thumb is to try and be in contact at least once a week. Please tell us your preferred method of contact.  It lets us know the best way to get in touch with you.

We Are Passionate About Helping You
Last and certainly not least is knowing we are passionate and love our jobs. We find it rewarding and you will notice our enthusiasm the moment we make contact. It is genuine. It is real. We are your cheerleader and are rooting for you. You are already a rock star, so go get ‘em!