What Ties it All in Together for You?

Hello! So glad you’re here! My name is Rea, California People Search’s Senior Marketing Specialist.

There are many reasons we choose an employer, either it be intrinsic or extrinsic motivation – or both! In today’s modern world, many people including myself are now factoring in many things when choosing a job. From a work and life balance, room for growth, the culture, and even commute time which has become a popular and important factor.

For me, it was a one of a kind reason – due to the fact of a one of a kind person.

I met Becki, our CEO after a long day of work for my official job interview. It was rush hour traffic, on a rainy and cold Bay Area evening, and my GPS signal was lost. With five minutes to spare, I made it on time. Becki met me with a warm smile, just what you need after that what seemed like a very challenging commute minutes before a very important job interview.

The second I met Becki, I saw her drive for life and for success. I knew right away the she would make an amazing mentor. She has been the CEO and founder of California People Search for 30 years and being in business that long shows that her company is one of the leading, most successful recruiting firms in the Bay Area.

I knew right away, I wanted to be a part of her team. Not only did she exude leadership and a strong work ethic to succeed, she was very kind and graceful which makes for a wonderful mentor.

Looking for a job is no longer those traditional check boxes that you mark when making a decision. Not only does it have to fit your needs and aspirations, it has to feel right, and if you’re lucky, the people in the team will tie it all together the way Becki did for me.

What are the things you look for when joining a company? I would love to hear about what’s on your checklist!