What is a Unicorn Hire these Days?

In the world of administrative staffing, a Unicorn Hire may be seen as something different from other industries.  What remains the same is that they have distinct, unique qualities and experience that set them apart from other administrative professionals.  Working with high level clientele and Fortune 500 companies we hear a lot from our clients about what they are looking for.  These days the best of the best are looking for a candidate who brings stable experience, professionalism, adaptability, flexibility, knowledge about industry, technologically savvy, a multitasker who needs very little management or guidance, intelligence, and polish.  Clients want someone who knows how to do their job, but is ready to take on more or learn more as needed.

The Unicorn Hire is someone that takes initiative and thinks 10 steps ahead.  There is no time anymore for candidates who are stuck in their box (i.e. “I only know how to work in Microsoft Office and won’t learn anything else.”).

Unicorn Hire is an employee who sets the bar for everyone else and does tasks above and beyond their job title or description.  We should all focus on being a Unicorn Hire.  It is something to aspire to be.