Resume Writing Tips for 2020

What does a perfect resume look like?  Resumes have had so many different formats over the years and there have been different rules of thumb when it comes to putting it all on paper.  In essence, a resume is a brief account of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications, that is often submitted to a recruiter or a company for an employment opportunity.  Today I am going to talk about what employers want to see on your resume.  As a recruiter I have seen thousands of different resumes over the years.  What matters most is your experience, skill set, education, and what makes you stand out, always remember to keep it simple.

Here are some tips to always keep in mind when working on updating your resume:

Write a Summary Statement- This is a statement that explains what value you can bring to the company, versus an objective which states more of what YOU want.  (Keep in mind, you may need to change the Summary Statement for every company and role you apply for.)

Spotlight your key skills-This is a place to show off your skills that are applicable to the job you are interested in.  That means go thru the job description and focus on the skills that the company is looking for and if you have them make sure they are spelled out in this section.

Experience-Always put most recent experience first and work your way backwards.  Remember to use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities and accomplishments, not a paragraph.  Each bullet point should start with an action verb, (for example: Managed a team of 20 employees.).  Don’t be afraid to show off your accomplishments, one way to do this is to use numbers, (for example: Surpassed sales goal by 25% in 2019.).

Include Volunteer Experience on your resume- If you have done some volunteering in your past or present, share that on your resume.  Not only does it show a recruiter or potential employer about some of your interests, but there may be some transferrable skills that you learned while volunteering.

Education- Always include your education on your resume.  All education after high school should be on resume as well as any certifications you may have.

Once your resume is updated ask a family member or friend to review it. You can also send to your recruiter if you are working with one.  Some recruiters will assist with writing and editing resumes, or they will give examples and have you fix it on your own.

There are other resources out there for resume writing and formatting.  You can hire a resume writer, depending on your background and experience and how much needs to be done this can cost anywhere from $75 to $1000.  There are websites that help you put your resume together such as,, and and these are free to a certain level.

If you have questions about your resume or are looking for a new job in the Bay Area, reach out to me today at  We work with clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area and assist them with filling administrative, operations, human resources, and accounting positions.