How to Stand Out as an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants in the Bay Area are in high demand and finding the right one for the job is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Here are some tips for being a stand-out candidate.

Tailor Your Resume
This seems like a no brainer, but it is one that is missed quite frequently. Know who you would be supporting, the company size, and highlight specific skills you possess that they are looking for. No two admin jobs are the same and your resume shouldn’t be either.

Acquire Great References
You can make yourself look good on paper but what do other people say about you? Choose them wisely and early on.  Ask current and former managers or supervisors if they would be willing to be a reference for you as you are starting to look at new opportunities. When the interview process reaches reference check stage, contact them and let them know who will be reaching out.  The more references you have on your work ethic and skills, the better.

Soft Skills
Being an Executive Assistant is about fostering and maintaining relationships. How you interact with people will say a lot about how qualified you are for the job. Make sure to have concrete examples and highlight things like effective communication, team building, collaboration, and organizational skills because they can make or break the job offer.

Adapting to Technology
It’s a scary thing for some when it comes to learning new technology, but it is a must for an Executive Assistant. Being able to adapt quickly and show enthusiasm for learning new software can easily set you apart from other candidates. Don’t be afraid, embrace the unknown and your future self will thank you.

Culture Fit
Lastly, know what core values are most important to you and make sure they align with the company. You will not find longevity in a job where yours and the company’s values don’t match up. It is much easier to work for someone that has similar passions and objectives.

These are just some of our thoughts, so let’s keep the conversation going! What do you think stands out about you as an Executive Assistant?