This year, 2020 has been a year of all kinds of change for everyone across the world. It started off strong from a business standpoint but in mid-March our country along with many others had a standstill.  We all had to figure out how to do our everyday life and jobs from our homes.  It is now July, and our lives are still changing, most of us are still working from home, schools are closed, not many options for summer camps for our kids, so we are still juggling how to do everything all the time.

Change is definitely stressful.  If you are like me, you have definitely found a way to add some form of exercise into your routine that helps you deal with it.  Exercise is my outlet and I know it is for many others as well.  Yoga, walking, running, cycling, you name it whatever helps, do it.

Change can be seen by some as Good and others as Bad, it’s all in your perspective.  This year is not over and we will continue to see many changes.  As companies make big decisions on how they run businesses from an office or continue having employees work from home.  Many people are on unemployment or have been furloughed with hopes of returning to work as businesses open back up and others have had to close their businesses as they were severely affected.  

What we need to do is embrace change, no matter how scary it is.  Whether it is a small change in working from home versus an office or a BIG change like a new job or a move.  Try to always look at the positive side of change.  From a business standpoint, companies like candidates and employees who can deal with change and be adaptable.  What they don’t like is an employee who is stagnate.  Someone who fights against a new software program or refuses to learn a new way of doing their job tasks.  If you can embrace change and are willing to adapt to new things happening in your life and your career you will have a better chance at succeeding.